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World Of Warcraft stutters on Alienware 7700... PLZ Help!

Guest Pchild

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Here is my laptop stats.

Alienware Area-51 7700

P4: 3.6ghz

Go 6800 Ultra

2 Gigs OCZ ram

2 7200 rpm HD in Raid 0

Onboard sound Realtek HD 7.1

(other optional features not important to prob)

Running Windows XP Media Center Edition all updates as of today.

The problem I'm having is small stutters while playing World of Warcraft.

I can load the game fine, and get the normal lag stutter when I'm loading lots of people (example near the Bank in Org)... that's expected alitte.

But where I'm getting annoyed is when it lags at times when I shouldn't. I can get in a party and go to Marauden, 5 man instance, and the game will stutter for a second when combat starts, or when a shammy drops a totem. It might stutter for a second when I open my backpacks, or create a Many Ruby...

The stutters are all very short, never lasting more than a second, but it's very annoying. It does it probably every min or two. I also have a desktop machine that is very close to my alienware laptop staticastically... alittle better, but it never freezes ever.... never does my desktop freeze or stutter. No matter what's going on.

I've tried every video configuration I can think of, I've used the latest drivers from Alienware, I've even tried drivers from Dell. (since xps uses 6800 ultra cards)

The problem stays the same...

What drivers are you guys using? Are you getting stutters? I can run wow on my HP laptop with a 5700 flawless... though I have the settings Maxxed on my Alienware, and only half on my HP.

My laptop should smoke wow...

I've increased script memory, I've disabled all UI add ons, nothing helps.... it's not a wow setting that's causing the problem, it's a driver problem... or a hardware problem.

I've even had my Mobo, and Video card, and Ram all switched out, same problem... so I belive it has to be a Video card, or Sound Card driver... gotta be something driver related.

Thanks for your help... please tell me what drivers are working for you guys.


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Guest Alienpick

First off how many Addon's do you have installed? when you get to the character select Screen, click on your addons button, look in the upper right corner of that screen, does it still say 64 in the text box? If so kick it on up to 256 or 512. Never go over half of your system memory and you shall be fine, it should also eliminate your stuttering.

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