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3DMark06 released

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And they are quite choked, too - 10 - 60 kb/s with several tries. Must wait.

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For those technically minded, it may interest you to know that it seems impossible to run benchmarks from an RDP session :) Connecting to my M2 sitting at home, 3dm05/06 and am3 all report that they can't find a video card.

Will just do it when I get home, thought it might be a good time saver :)

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Ok point of interest... 3dmark06 seems to be big on cpu power too, ie, your cpu speed counts for more. Dual core favoured massively.

Doesn't seem to be alot of diff between AMD and Penitum (ie 3200+ roughly= 3.2Ghz P4)... interestingly, my 2Ghz Dothan scores about the same as a 3Ghz Prescott, so us laptop owners aren't going to be bottom of the heap :) 3.2ghz/6600GT owners consistently posting 1500-1600 scores, would be keen to see a vanilla 6600 with p4 3Ghz... see how lappie compares.

For interests sake, I got 928 on my s3.

Ohhhh and the eye-candy is effing awesome! The screenshots do no justice :) Would LOVE to see this run on a fat rig, running smoothly.

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dl it with 500-1k from majorgeeks.

as mattman is saying it does appear to be relying on the cpu a lot more.

My test went smooth with the graphics card, but the cpu tests were slow and choppy as hell.

Dont think this test will be "fair" on a laptop since the cpu isnt close to a desktop :) but hey, it might be towards the end of 06 :)

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I would like to see the test in action ... Maybe I will start knocking neighbour doors to see if anyone has 7800 to test it on :)

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Graphics Tests 
1 - Return to Proxycon 12.0 FPS 
2 - Firefly Forest 13.6 FPS 

CPU Tests 
1 - Red Valley 0.3 FPS 

HDR Tests 
1 - Canyon Flight (SM 3.0) 13.2 FPS 
2 - Deep Freeze (SM 3.0) 17.4 FPS

Look at that, 12 fps with a 7800GTX? This version must be pushing it to the limits ...

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