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My Asus z71v


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Hi. I have a couple of questions about my z710.

1. What is the highest refresh rate possible?

2. What are the latest drivers for the z710.

I'm having a hell of a time trying to run FEAR, even after a fresh install.

Thanks for your time.

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When you say 'Highest Refresh Rate' you mean external monitor I hope as the Laptops LCD dislay can only handle 60hz (don't even try to change this)

As the the monitor, this is automaticly done when plugged in, the only available refresh rates are the ones the monitor can handle.

I have enabled the ability to go up to 240hz should you monitor be able to handle a refresh rate this high.

As for latest driver this may be 78.21.

Hope this helps

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I would suggest a newer driver for FEAR, like 81.98. (check driver recommend link in sig)

You should try it at a medium resolution with medium graphics settings with no soft shadows or AA then once it runs good start turing up stuff, but you'll probably just want to turn off soft shadows, but have regular shadows at highest setting if your GPU is fast enough.

What card do you have BTW? Or am I too stupid to read correctly?

If FEAR will not LOAD at all stick in the original CD/DVD and turn off any CD/DVD mounting tools such as Deamon Tools.

If it still won't load at all what optical drive do you have, do you have access to an external CD/DVD drive?

It uses Securom 7 which I hear is pretty sneaky, I am not having any problems over here though, so thats odd.

I did just buy a brand new drive though, I'm pretty sure my old drive would have had problems, heck it had problems reading most things half the time.

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Check out 81.98 as Bill suggested above.

FEAR does run nicely on the go6600 with these drivers. (Actually everything runs nicely on these drivers... :) )

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I used the modded inf file for the 81.98 drivers not the quality or performance (what is the difference btw?). I got a really low score on 3DMark06...976 or something. So I downloaded the 3DMark2005 and got 2191 with the video card clocked at 300/600. Fear runs about 20 to 30fps on all medium settings no AF or AA and 800x600..does this sound about right?...Thanks for the reply.

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That probably sounds about right.

What exactly was the benchmark score FEAR gave you? (3 numbers)

It is probably a lot faster than mine at similar settings.

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