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Toshiba TE2100 w/ GeForce 420 GO


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Alright I seem to be missing something or having very bad luck. I found your site after I got this laptop and installed a clean copy of Windows XP SP2 and got the black bar. I have read through a lot of the posts and thought I understood the necessary steps to correct this issue. I have now tried at least 5 different driver versions with the .inf downloaded via the enhanced and none have solved the problem. I get one of three outcomes:

1. The system boots into Windows at 640x480, with no black bar, at 4 bit color and won't let me change it.

2. The system tries to boot to Windows, blue screens so fast that I can't read it and loops like this until I turn the machine off.

3. The system appears to boot into Windows but all I get is a black screen.

The last driver version I tried was 72.14. I downloaded the .inf with the black bar fix and placed it in the folder overwriting the standard 72.14 .inf. I used the have disk method and chose the new .inf. The system installs the drivers and then I reboot. It appears to be booting fine, then it goes a screen that says Please Wait........, then boots into Windows at 640x480 at 4 bit color.

What am I missing? Do you need additional info?

I would love to get this problem resolved but I feel like I am beating my head against the wall. So any help would be great.

As a side note I just uninstalled the driver and now with the VGA complatible defualt I am able to get full screen at 1024x768x32. Don't know if that means anything and the video response seems a little slow but at least its a temporary fix.

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Yes, that works but it bypasses all the features of your graphics chip. You followed all the right steps, so I suspect there's an old driver file that's causing your problem. Try using a driver cleaner to remove all remains of older drivers, then install the new driver from scratch.

If it still fails, reinstall a driver that you know works, just to be sure it still does. We can work from there to figure out what the difference is.

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