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hi all

battlefield 2 special forces alters the bf2 lighting engine to the extent that it could make almost any video card wheeze and pant especialy if you turn on night vision. my geforce 5600 fx go gives acceptable frame rates (17-26 fps) for bf2 but go to bf2:sf and you can forget about hitting anything... even with the graphics settings turned down. right now i'm using ohmega drivers. is there a driver that would allow me to play bf2:sf with any decent frame rate? :)

i'm using a toshiba 5205-s705 it's a rather unique laptop if i could avoid having to buy a tower... i plan to be playing scrimages against other clans in bf2:sf so if you could recomend something i'd very very very much appreciate it :)

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Unfortunately there's only so much drivers can do, even my go6600 stuggles on sf. Your GPU is going to be a limitation I'm afraid. And you will find plenty of 5205 lovers on here :)

I've not had a play with it on BF2 yet but the 83.02 Toshiba drivers gave great 3dmark05 scores, but you lose the nvidia control panel in the display properties. This might reflect into some fps increase in BF2, but like I said I've not had a chance to test it.

83.20 reportedly has the control panel back, but slightly lower benchmark scores.

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Several issues have been addressed in the new upcoming patch for BF. When 1.20 comes out, I would grab that and give it a go. I would say it comes out when the new booster pack, euro forces comes out on the 8th. Hopefully it fixes the slower load times of SF. As far as drivers go, I would use somelike 81.98s and up.

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