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Underclocking, PowerMizer and Versions


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Excuse if my english isn't good.

My GF6600Go work at 375Mhz and 600Mhz (memory).

If I reduce the clock frecuency, is same (more or less) that use battery power save in PowerMizer?

What value you recomend to me for underclocking?

I have seen different versions series (7.x, 8.x...). Previous versions to 8.x series is older than 8.x series, or are parallel versions? Is recomend install some series on my Laptop or all versions are same of good for GF6600Go?

Best Regards,


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Powermizer basically reduces clock frequency, but I think it changes some other things, but some of these really only get activated when you run a game or something, and turning off certain hardware features could screw up DVD playback, ect.

(Those programs and drivers always like to pull sneaky stuff like that)

As for clock speed, it should work with really low ones, if what you mentioned are the full speeds, then try 150 core and 250 mem or something for starters, should use up a lot less power and still run. (Very few ppl underclock, so this stuff is still kinda new for us)

You should use 8x drivers like 81.98, 82.xx, and above as newer ones come out.

If the speeds I mentioned dont work, then try 200 core/300 mem.

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I already tested the minimum clock for memory and core and work ok, but I ask because maybe is bad work at frecuency extremely lower.

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I was woried about the voltate impact too, but when I think about it it probably runs about half clockspeed on powermizer already, and really the chip is designed to use the higher voltage too. (just underclocking won't lower volage)

If its working fine you shouldn't worry too much about it.

I have really not heard any stories of underclocking like that braking it, just don't lower it too low and you should be fine.

I'll do some googling on the topic and see if such stories exist.

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