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Possbility of upgrading video card?


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So I baught my laptop a little over two years ago and figured I would get the best possible card Dell had to offer for my model (GeForce FX Go5650), but I'll have to say that I'm not really that impressed. I figured that I would get pretty good performance with this card (speaking in the gaming aspect), even though this is only a laptop. I've upgraded to 1.2 gigs of ram and got a cooling pad and tweaked my video card a little, but I guess my expectations were a lot higher than how my card could perform..

So anyway, I've looked everywhere for answers as to why my card wasn't really giving me what I expected, and I'd have to say I havn't found much. So what I was wondering is if it is possible to upgrade to a new and better card? I think I've read somewhere I would need a whole new motherboard or something, but I figured I would just ask first and see what kind of response I could get. If I can't really upgrade without spending a ton of money, what can I do to my current card to get a little more out of it. So far I've done the following:

82.10 driver with performance modded inf

Over-clocked to Core - 325, Mem - 590

Performance to full performance

*I've noticed that when I put the settings on D3d, the video is very very bad, with a framerate of about 10 fps... I've read of people with a high fps with D3d, but for some reason mine is the opposite...

AA off

Vertical Sync off

In-Game: Res is set to 800x600 with lowest detail (get a varying 100-250 fps, but it varies so much that it feels like I lag), also various other little tweaks...

Hopefully someone can help me out a little.

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Unfortunately the MXM platform (modular GPU's) wasn't introduced until the go6*00 series cards, and as such your card is likely to be fixed to your mainboard and not at all upgradeable. It's sad for us with older notebooks (I have an old Toshiba M2 with FX go5200), but at least something has been worked out for the future.

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Do some searching next time matt. :)



Basically you have the fastest card for that, I would not recommend switching to the ATI card.

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Nice, such an ugly looking card. I figured I'd have the best for what that time period had to offer. Makes me mad that as soon as my laptop came in the mail it was outdated already and there was a new card out. I was thinking that upgrading my processor might help quite a bit, but a new 2.2 ghz (about) centrino is like 500 bucks. I mide as well try and sell my laptop to some computer iliterate college student nearby and take my $500 and buy a new laptop, ha. Thanks for the help though guys.

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