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As you may have noticed we have a new look front page :)

Teraphy with the help of sn0wl has done weeks of work to get it looking the way it is. :)

Some new updated things have been reintroduced:

1) Enhancer, here you can add some specialised tweaks to your INF. (XP only)

It grabs the latest modded INF and you just choose the tweaks you need enabled.

Here are also the Performance and Quality enhanced tweaks, now you can select either one and it will automatcily add them to any INF.

2) Driver Database has all the driver sorted in either version, date, size or WHQL status.

This database has all the drvers that we have ever released, I doubt there is a better nVidia Forceware/Detonator driver download site.

From here you can select to download the driver, look at the NFO (information on the driver, languages, GPU's supported etc) and also download the Modded INF if needed to be able to install the driver.

Feel free to comment on the new pages, if they could do with improvents, or they are just the best things you've ever seen.

Any errors we would gladly like to know about so we can fix it.

Again thanks to all those that have helped make this possible, and there are many.

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It is sn0wl not snOwl! :)

Thanks to everybody who contributed in design process. I hope everyone likes it as much as I do.

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Yep it really does look nice, I helped by giving my approval, and rigging Teraphy's coin toss to decide the final logo. :)

Fixed your name sn0wl.

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Yep that really helped. We won the battle of 20pixels. BTW why 0 is bold :) ? It's just sn0wl :)

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Great job Teraphy and sn0wl! The front page looks amazing. Very professional. I also love the inf icon with the main logo! :) :)

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