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Counter Strike source unplayable. Go 6200 32 (128)

Guest Rowzer

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Hi there.

I have an ongoing problem with counter strike source.

Every time i try to play it, no matter with what driver (have tried a few) whenever I meet people in game, or start shooting, my fps drops to 15-25 every time, making the game unplayable.

Can anyone tell me what could be causing this, or if there is a specific driver that will Solve this problem?

I have a sony vaio VGN-FS295VP

512mb ram

1.7ghz pentium M



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Ok, last problem still stands

but, new problem now.

Just tried the 80.40 driver (recommended for my graphics card) then the 77.76 driver (recommended for best hl2/css gameplay)

with both of these, when i load up steam and open cs:s, as it opens cs:s and goes into full screen mode, i suddenly get the fatal blue screen, with nv4_disp or something mentioned on it somewhere, and the laptop restarts.

happens every time.

what to do?

any ideas?



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ok, found solution to blue screen. just type -console -window in launch options, and it doesnt crash, a bit annoying, but it works

still though, just played with the 77.76 drivers, normal modded inf, and was averaging about 22fps on de_dust, a standard map, with a userconfig with many many commands in it to maximise fps.

i cant play it like this. i just dont know whats wrong.

its all been since i reformatted last week. and i have since reformatted again to try and get rid of the problem, but its still there.

I use direct x level 8.0 in cs.



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6200 supports DX9, use that. Make sure VSync isnt on, use the lowest settings available, and upgrade ur drivers to these:


EDIT: FIRST!!! Use driver cleaner to clean the NVidia drivers from ur system then install the recommended drivers i sed. :)

Also to further increase performance change the Audio settings to Lowest, you never notice the difference on a laptop and it can make a hell of a difference. :)

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