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Hi all,

I have an Asus Z81SP Notebook with a GeForce Go 6800 256MB. In any 3D game like Half Life 2, or Quake 4 I have some very annoying texture "clipping" problems. Game textures seem to pop in and out randomly but with enough frenquency to drive me nuts. I'm using the latest ForceWare drivers (83.40) however this problem occurs regardless of my driver version or detail settings. Otherwise game performance is great. Here are some other specs:

Windows Xp Pro SP2 (clean install)

3GHz P4 630


Latest hardware drives, windows updates, etc...

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, Thank you for your time.


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I have the exact same problem, this is driving me crazy. I am about to deploy out to Afghanistan and plan on bringing my new laptop with me for the occasional game, but this issue makes it very annoying to play them. The games I play that it happens with are Everquest and F.E.A.R.

Same specs on the machine btw.

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First off, if you are overclocking your video card, disable overclocking. Try enabling v-sync in the drive settings page. Can either one of you make a screenshot of the artifact?

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Sorry that I'm not offering a solution, I'm just mentioning that I have the same problem with a 6600 Go. I'm running an Asus Z71V. Vertical Sync hasn't helped, nor had fiddling with any other options. In some games, starting the game in a window and then changing to full screen while the game is running fixes the problem. This works for Source games, but not for UT2004. Textures show up in places they're not supposed to for a very brief length of time, and then disappear.

I have not tampered with any video card settings (no overclocking). I am using the latest WinXP (32) drivers from this site. I have tried a few different versions, all in the 80 series, none have helped. I would be interested to know if any of you have made progress regarding this issue?

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Guest Guest

Well thats funny. I have had no problims at all with my lappy. I have the Go 6800 on PCI-E with 256mb of DDR3 ram onbord. Running the 77.63 drivers and I have had no issues with HL2 or BF2 nor F.E.A.R for that matter.

The rest of my specs are this.

Alienware area-51m 7700

Windowes XP SP3 (yes there is one out your comptuer would of auto downloaded it)

3.8ghz P4 HT

1gb of DDR2 RAM (currently 512 because one of the chips died)

120gb 7200RPM Hard Drive (twin 60gb running RAID-0)

My guess would be to take what he said earlier and turn on v-syn that might help with the "clipping".

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Ok, have a look at the screenshots in this link:


Does it look anything like that? If so, I've just fixed a problem with that. All I had to do was reinstall DirectX. No problems yet, but I'm not certain it isn't just waiting for me to feel good about having it fixed. If that doesn't work, try the other suggestions made by Bill just under my post. I'm currently running forceware 84.12 but I don't think that was causing the problem, but rather a corrupt DirectX install perhaps.

Hope that works for you all anyway.

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