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15" LCD screen in DUY projector using controller

Guest Lezardjet

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Guest Lezardjet

Hello everybody

Is somebody having data about the signals which enters and leaving this graphic card?

I see on the web here that the entering signal is soming from AGP and the leaving signal is DVI.. but I don't found how to catch this signals....

In fact I would like to keep this signals to adapt the screen of my Inspiron 5150 (out of order) on my computer...

Thank you for your support !!!

--Sorry for my poor English--

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What do you want to do? :)

Are you saying your screen is busted?

If so plugging up an external CRT monitor and hitting Fn+F8 should do the trick to get your PC running.

Calling up Dell for your country and language is probably your best bet in getting a new screen.

If you post in your native language and tell us what language it is, that might help.

Some of us are pretty good translators, and if not I can just use one online... :)

If your card is busted and you need a new one, that seller might work, or you could get that from Dell, they probably charge around $100-130 for a new one, (plus shipping) so its not much more expensive than that used card on Ebay.

To the tough technical screen stuff, your card interfaces with the computer through AGP by the way of a proprietary connector I believe, or atleast it is different than most manufactures/other laptops.

The signal goes to your screen through another special connector that only Dells might have. Then your card has VGA and maybe DVI output for external monitors.

The connector that goes to your laptops LCD is special and would be hard to adapt to an external LCD unless you really know your stuff and like building very complex converter boards.

Also the connector and cables that are internal are really small, would be hard for you or me to work with using our bare hands.

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Hello Bill

thank for your quick answer! :) I am really impressed!

I will try to be more accurate in this post - for the translator it 's a bit difficult because most of time the signification changes too much..

1/ A friend gives me his Dell Inspiron 5150 - This laptop is powered by an Intel P4 2.8G, HD 60G, Geforce Go5200, 512Mo DDR and a beautifull screen of 15"

2/ The motherboard is out of order, that why he gave me the laptop.. becouse buy a motherboard here is more expensive than a new laptop

3/ I would like to built an videoprojector with this screen.. I sure that you know how to do but if not you can have example here (it is the not most beautifull but it is this only one in english)

4/ So the purpose of my request : I would like to use the screen of this Inspiron 5150 on my VP DIY(videoprojector do it yourself)

5/ I am looking for the datasheet of the grafic card to see how to drive this screen from a classic motherboard with an AGP interface or from a DVI output....

Do you think that it is possible?

You said that the signal provide by the mother board and the grafic card is special but is someone knowing these signal?

Thank you very much!!!!

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What he needs is a converter board to be able to power the LCD from a regular DVI signal or even VGA so he can plug his PC, DVD player, game console, ect up, mount it into a projector box like an overhead projector (can almost just slap it on top) and turn it into a projector.

What I have seen is them duck taping then onto projectors, what you linked too seems like a much better solution. :) (although maybe harder to pull off)

How easy would it be to mount a 17 or 20 inch screen in there? (for easy HD stuff)

You need quite a bit of stuff to control it.

You should take out the screen and send us a pic of what the actual connector on the screen looks like.

It should be standardized.

You then need the controller boards and power inverter/converter (depending on what your working with, straight AC or getting power from some 12V DC).

The easiest way is to find a broken LCD monitor on ebay and take it apart and take the converter stuff out.

I have seen a site or two that sell the straight boards, but they are very expensive ($300+) and only run up to 1024x768 res.

Ebay might have converter boards you are looking for, but send us a pic of the LCD taken apart and find the connector on it.

I'm going to move this to the technical section since there is no extreme technical section.

I had been looking into this stuff too lately, but haven't found an easy or afordable solution yet. (but haven't done a lot of searching on ebay for parts)

After I finish this school stuff I'll do some more research, but in the meantime look for LCD controllers and stuff on ebay.

Edit: Please tell us what screen you got with that, I would tell you to run NERD to find out screen info but the computer is busted.

Screen resolution is important here!

Oh and Rene, your topics with broken links aren't what we are after, I doubt even Dell discloses this info on their documentation (which he has probably already looked into), better off asking samsung for their laptop LCD info.

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2 server moves and the files doesn#t exist anymore :) Now that#s my excuse. The files can probably still be downloaded directly over at DELL.

Good luck with that project :)

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Heh, I have seen some very complicated boards for that i think, need to make an FAQ thread with links if I figure this out.

Easiest is to buy one (cheap LCD), its sad the companies can't/don't disclose atleast part of their LCD controller boards (or sell any), maybe search patents? (searches for Dell 24inch WUXGA patent)

I have heard of some of the stuff Dell uses in that screen to control it with almost every input known to man. (atleast in the US)

Newer version will have HDMI too.

I have been thinking of buying and extra LCD and making my own projector, I will report here if I ever do it. (busy so its unlikely, and I want an HD [1920x1200 60Hz] projector if I do)

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Guest Lezardjet

:) what a supply thank you guys!

Bill LCD screen for HD can be bought here

I have seen with my own eyes a VP DIY in 1400*1200 the image quality is incredible!!!!!

Me, for my first project 1024*768 will be enough...

I agree with you the best thing is to use a converter boeard.. I just think that I can built an adaptator to plug my dell grafic card inside my PC through AGP...

For conector which leaves the Geforce 5200 of the labtop, I will take a photo this night

I go on to search and keep you inform if I find a solution

Thank you for your idea, I will dig in that way :)

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Thanks for the link to screentekinc. Add it to the FAQ

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You have to use a converter board, just plugging it up won't work, the DVI signal from a desktop/laptop/PS3/cable box/ect needs stuff done to it before it will run an LCD screen, and a VGA out is even more complicated.

The LCD controllers and stuff in an LCD you buy at the store have about 5 separate circuit boards....

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Did some searching, actaully found something.


This led me here.


That universal one has high enough res support and should work assuming you can find a cable to plug the LCD up with.

Find your screen, then click here.


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When they come out with a good 1920x1200 controller I might get one.

(might test a cheap LCD+projector combo first though)

If you find a price for any of those controllers please post it. (have to contact manufacturer or something I think)

Having a 1920x1200 Dell 24in screen, a 1920x1200 projector, and maybe the 30 in 2560x1600 dell screen and a 1024x768 pojector on one PC = sweetness... atleast till you get something crazier.

You'll need more eyes in your head to see all of that stuff lol (assuming the projectors are projecting good size screens on the wall)

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