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warning for zd7000 users

Guest drivers killed my laptop

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Drivers do not kill Laptops, they have more chance of killing your dog.

What happened exactly ?

You're telling me that 100's of people who come over from the ZD7000 forums have all got 'killed' machines from installing drivers from here ?

60,000+ users come here a month and most are here for the drivers and the modded INFs.

The modded INFs have no tweaks added to them that could even harm your laptop.

Please expain better of what your experiences.

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My first reaction in the morning without coffee: Had to move that to offtopic :)

Now able to answer:

First report in more than three years existance of the mobile INF, that a Laptop got fried. And first report ever in the history of PC/Laptop, that a driver was responsible for it.

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I have a ZD7000 and I have only had to send my laptop back once and that was soon after I got it. The problem is heat this laptop has problems removing heat from the video card. When I got my laptop back i rebuilt it and decided to use these drivers because of a game requirement and I have not had any problems with over heating and I also have seen other people with these drivers without any problems. The best thing to do to save your card is to lift up the back with something to allow the air to flow out from the fans.

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Very good advice, I do the same with my machine it makes quite a difference with air flow a little gap.

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