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LaptopVideo2go turns 2 today


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2 years ago on this very day, LaptopVideo2go was born, it began even earlier with nVision forums started by Teraphy and a text based website started by me.

We've come a long way these last few years.

A big thanks to all those who keep the place going, including the Mods and most of all all the people that visit and make this place a great place to be.

I personally think we have a great crowd here, and moderating is a breeze.

I'll not hold you up any longer, so back to what you were doing :)

Had a quick search and still found the original website I started.

There are other pages, but I no longer have access to these pages.

Have a look here where it all began (INF modding) for me.

Teraphy had these pages to start his support efforts.

Life was so simple then 3 years ago, a year even before the move to LV2go.

Ah the memories :)

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Ah... the good 'ol days with Dell|Forums and Teraphy.... :)

Happy Birthday LV2Go.com! I wish many many many many MANY more sucessful years to come! A big thank you to Pieter and everyone who made this the site for what it is today!!


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Happy birthdays Lv2Go! I'm sure the place will grow bigger & better! Glad to be here :)

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Happy Birthday! :P :) :)

I have been here almost two years.

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