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Help Need a wizzz in 7800 bios/eprom


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I have a Eurocom M560A with a 1280x800 WXGA LCD and want to install a GO 7800 GTX I have the card and it works fine.

My Problem is that I have 4 images on my screen one full and 3 partiall and it looks like it's splitting the screen in 1920x1200 if it makes any sens.

I have tried all drivers ans INF files I could find and mod. I know it's in the bios some ware.



Will post pics of screen





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Very interesting. Does that happen even though you set it to max resolution? Did you try different settings in "Digital Flat Panel Settings" like "Centered Output" or "Fixed Aspect Ratio Scaling"?

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LMAO at the pics. :)

After trying that have you tried unchecking the "hide modes this monitor cannot display" in the nvidia control panel?

Is the flex cable for the screen plugged in all the way?


Go run NERD with drivers installed then post the log file here.

You might have to run NERD with your older card and post, what was the older card/driver you had that worked anyway?

Fn+F6 or something might fix the BIOS. (some F keys have hidden Fn functions on some laptops)

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As you can see from the photos it's not a windows prob but a system prob those are post pic and bios pic for the first tow. I will trigh the fn key with like f7 and will all of theme thanks.


Ho and the card that was in the system was a ATI X700 256 MB and I know this one shoule work cuz the M570A witch is the same one as mine but biger with a 17" screen hase the GO 7800 GTX option and it's the same MOBO.


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I had a lengthy response the other day before the site went down and I lost it. Yes it's BIOS related no doubt there. Please attach your BIOS for viewing. If your old card was NV please post that as well if possible.

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