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5650FX help please =)

Guest Sparky

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Guest Sparky

Can anyone help me please..... I need to know the correct CORE SPEED and MEMORY SPEED for my Geforce FX 5650

I am currently running 53.03 Drivers and I am having no problems or slowdown whatsoever however when I upgrade to later drivers, I get brief black flashes and brief FPS drop in games ie such as 56.72 Drivers

I don't overclock but I need to confirm my CORE and MEMORY settings to make sure the updated drivers are not overclocking my card unintentionally. Currently my CORE and SPEED setting are set to 325Mhz(CORE) & 590Mhz Memory.

I heard a rumour that the FX5650 is 295/590(DDR) clock speed. Is this true?????

Also I clean out the Fans (Main and GPU) to make sure there is no dust clogging Air supply.

MAX TEMPS with I8KFANGUI playing 'Farcry' at 1280x900 Resolution 2X FSAA 4XAF High Detail 37Fps




I8600 1.7Ghz Centrino

2Ghz Ram


GeForceFX 5650 (53.03)

According to my Nvidia Drivers Core Slowdown Threshold is at 118C. So my card shouldn't be slowing down.... should it??? The underneath is Cold and a nice breeze is coming up from the keyboard too keeping the keyboard cool too. GPU fan seems to be working at 7700RPM at HIGH and all dust had been cleaned away from Airflows.

Also I run a powerful 51CFM Notebook cooler as standard underneath my Laptop, cus mainly its a Desktop Replacement.

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Guest Sparky

Kinda stuffed how I am still getting the problem though cus I took my Laptop apart and its super clean... and I'm still getting the problem with later drivers =(

It getting Airflow, No Dust blocking the way, not overclocked ahhhhhhh it makes me pad PC''s do sometimes ROFL.......

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do u have the latest bios rev for the card and if u do i would call dell and talk to them, if they replace it and it still does it u might have to mod ur card like i did,


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