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Need Help with a "clevo" GO 7800 GTX


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Hello all I am new here.

Not new in computers but on the forum world I am. Now im on a personal quest and so fare it's not ben great.

No help from any one but a Pat and hypersonic systems.

My gole is to have a go7800gtx in a M560A note book or a clevo CX6. the task would be easy if I would have a WUXGA screen but I don't. I have a WXGA 1280x800 and the native res of the card is 1920x1200 in wide screen I think. So my gole is to find in the card bios in the hex code were to change the native res to mine or 1280x800. So far I have tried all the difrent drivers and INF files with no luck.

I will post pics of what hapens wen I put the nvidia card in my laptop, and my original bios file I did try a few things in the bios with no luck like I found one place were 8007 B004 witch is 1920 1200 changed theme to 0005 2003 witch should be 1280 800 it did nothing then I tried a few other thing and broke the card :) so now got the card fixed so to speek and I can try other thing the thing is that I don't want to spend for a screen and I have a ultrabright glossy no defect at all LCD so going to the high res one is not a upgrade for me, and I like puzzel just the the headheck. So I hape some one can help a bit or point in the right direction I did find long strings of code in the bios and on eatch line is a difrent res the thing is that mine is there so that cant bi it I dont think. Any way here are some pics and my bios file.

Thanks for any help and pardone my writhing im dyslexick




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Can someone say hello chris cool problem or some thing lol

or can it be fixed some other way I did not think about???

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