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Please Help, I am tired of experimenting..


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Hi all, my problem is as follows:

Firstly I have checked the forums, read similar complaints from 2 users but I couldnt find any solution..

My card has 32 mb dedicated and 96 mb shared memory (go 6400 with turbocache).

In Doom3 and Quake4 I used to had a bluescreen showing some memory dumps and the system restarts, I looked at event viewer and it says this:

"The driver nv4_disp for the display device \Device\Video0 got stuck in an infinite loop. "

This happens at random, it is not related to overclocking and/or overheating. Also it is not about the background processes like norton, I have tried every combination, no doesnt work. It should be about the device drivers and this is why I need your help here.

I installed 83.40 with the modified inf from here, it resolved my issue in doom3 and quake4, the same thing happens system hangs but a little bit later I am able to continue, I am not complaining it is great that I dont see the BSOD.

However, in other games(especially Fable The Lost Chapters) I got stuck in an infininite loop and then the BSOD.

I am going nuts, pls is there anybody out there who experienced&know the infinite loop problem and has the cure? Official Sony and Nvidia sites, not surprisingly, don't have it. It is irritating that the system performance is great but it is not stable..

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try updating _all_ of your drivers (chipset, sound net etc), then use NV 81.89 with Pieter'S mobile INF

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