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NVIDIA GoForce 5500


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NVIDIA GoForce 5500

Experience true, fluid digital TV, console-class 3D gaming, high-fidelity surround sound, smooth DVD-quality video playback, and sharp, vivid photos – all with longer battery life for more hours of entertainment.

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And what do you think guys - HandheldVideo2Go.com :)

Possible problems;

- Black bar while playing Java games.

- Choppy video chat.

- After restarting the phone resolution is set back to 100x100.

- Phone restarts due to overheating.

- Samsung drivers having problems with Nokia.

- Slow performance with Snake with latest released drivers.

- Problems with Photo Address Book showing wrong person photo.

- And finally short battery problem when using SLI (by connecting 2 mobile phones by cables :) )

Joking :P

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That's a classic!

Here's the solution to some of the upcoming problems:

Phone Overheating: Clean your fans.

Choppy Video Chat: disable VMR in the Phone's 'NVIDIA Display Settings Control Panel (NDSCP).

Nokio phones need a firmware upgrade, while Samsung drivers need a certain setting (out of 100s) to integrate smoothly in to the Mobile's OS.

I heard that Teraphy and ministeve are already working on a Firmware fix for the BlackBar problem.

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HAHA, that's hillarious. Hey, if they offer the Quadro-based phones, I'm all over it... I'll get on the INF modifiations ASAP! :) CAD on the Go!

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Dang, I was hoping they would start with a GoForce2.

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