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nvidia 5200 problems with sxga+ (1400 x 1050) resolution


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First: I love this site. I love that you people are doing what you're doing. I think you are all fantastic and I'd give you my first born if I thought you'd want it.

Second: I have a Toshiba Satellite M35 s320 series laptop. It contains an NVIDIA GeForce 5200 video card. I just bought a Westinghouse 20.1 inch LCD flat panel display with a 1400x1050 native resolution. I plugged it in. Didn't work at the native resolution. Learned about you guys and the magic you are doing here with new drivers. Wiped off the old Toshiba drivers with drivercleaner. Installed version 83.40. Didn't work. Then 83.90. No go. Tried 83.40. Still didn't work. Close on all tries, but I could never get the native 1400x1050 resolution that I'm supposed to get. I could get 1440x1024. I could get 1400x1050. But as you know, if it isn't exactly the native resolution on an LCD display, you are a long way from the destination. The NVIDIA interface allows you to create your own resolution, but after trying that 50 times or so without any luck-- it wouldn't allow that particular resolution for unknowable reasons-- I gave up.

Questions: Am I doing something wrong? What?

And, on a tangent... if this doesn't work, now that I know my graphics card has more possibility with it (thanks to your drivers) what is the chance I can get this 5200 card to display 1920x1200 on that nice big Dell 24" beast? (Perhaps I should throw this little fish back in the ocean and try something bigger?)

Any helpers will be worshiped.

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Check out 'Powerstrip' which is a good tool for custom resolutions.

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For the dell 24inch, it should work at that even over DVI for you (if you card even has that)

Enhancer here has a fix and link to the thread that describes the fix for the 1920x1200 screen should you encounter any problems. (shouldn't have problems using VGA out, although it won't look as good)


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