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Will Compaq r3240 work with XP64 plus drivers ?

Guest AxelRo

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When U are getting a compaq or an hp, whatever same thign think about this conversation if your going to be using win xp 64. Because personally i dont see the point in getting a 64bit processor if youre not going to use it with a OS the actually uses the full capabilities of the laptop. Anyway read the message ur going to get when u ask for help.

"Vanessa: Hello Alex

Vanessa: Welcome to HP Total Care for Presario notebooks. My name is Vanessa. How may I assist you today?

Alex Patcas: hi

Alex Patcas: im having a big problem with my r3240us laptop

Alex Patcas: i cant find any x64 drivers for my video card

Vanessa: Could you please give me the serial number of the product? It is a 10- digit or 12- digit alphanumeric value written on a label and pasted at the bottom of the notebook.

Alex Patcas: ok...

Vanessa: Thank you

Alex Patcas: **********

Vanessa: Thank you for the information.

Alex Patcas: this is my second laptop from u guys but im verry dissapointed in the drivers support u offer for this

Vanessa: I am sorry for the inconvenience, I will do my beat to provide you the drivers please give me few minutes.

Alex Patcas: ok

Vanessa: Thank you

Vanessa: Thank you for your patience and time.

Vanessa: I understand that you require the Windows XP 64 bit OS video drivers. Am i correct?

Alex Patcas: no problem... if u can solve this problem its all worth, i ve been looking at a lot of forums and a lot of people have this issue

Alex Patcas: yes

Alex Patcas: win xp 64 i just bought it

Vanessa: I am sorry, HP does not recommend or support Windows XP 64 bit Edition, as HP does not ship home segment PCs with Windows XP 64 bit Edition. The reason for this is; currently most application programs like MS Office, Easy CD Creator, Record Now, etc. work only on 32 bit operating systems. HP support for Windows XP 64 bit Edition is limited to HP business PCs.

Alex Patcas: ok so u packed a 64 bit processor with absoluttly no intention of delivering 64 drivers for whats the current os?

Alex Patcas: are you going to come out with any drivers or i payd 200$ for my xp64 copy so i can play in notepad?

Alex Patcas: im going to post this on every forum i find about laptop video cards so everyone thats going to want to buy a compaq 64 laptop will think twice

Vanessa: Let me explain you.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Ltd., no longer manufactures 32 bit processors. Presario R3000 models comes with AMD or with Intel. Since there are no 32 bit processors available from AMD, 64 bit processor is installed and was shipped with 32 bit Windows.

HP does not have any test data on 64 bit XP and will not release any drivers for 64 bit Operating System."

Now read the last phrase again.... and get used to getting that from Hp/Compaq!

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Check out this thread.


Read the 2 linked threads up top about how to install the drivers then I would suggest you try the 81.98 driver first with Pieter's mod INF.

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It should, I'm not going to stick my 440 back into this laptop to test but it should work.

Just follow the instructions linked from my driver recommend thread to install.

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