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Alienware 51m (7700), Go 6800 - Performance INF for v84.12


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Hey I am ussually behind the scenes, however, I felt that no one besides Whitetigerx7's INF for Alienware Area 51 m5500 and I think that more people need to get their hands dirty and do this I have been doing it for a while, but kept the files my self, as with any modded inf use at your own risk, however this is a modd on a modd for performance.. the Header info is this

; Pieter's INF version 31.48

; http://www.laptopvideo2go.com

; Extra comptibilty modding done my the 1nOnly Dark Angel

; Modded 4 the Alienware 51m (7700) {go 6800}

; gimme a call if you like... 235DB6B8B ohh and don't abuse that please..

; NVIDIA Windows 2000/XP Display INF file

; Copyright © NVIDIA Corporation. All rights reserved.

Hope you guys enjoy. Remember every computer is different you may want to look through the inf. I tried to cut it down abit gimme some feedback on how it works for you .... Have FUN


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:) thanks for your contribution! Haven't looked at the INF yet, but i like you giving credit to whitetiger and us (not too many follow the rules of honor these days)


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Guest Logicalayer

Thanks alot,

it's the best driver for me so far.

I have tried 10 tests on different drivers before that one, 83.40, 83.50, 83.90 and 83.91 like 2-3 tests on each one.

the result varied but the best I got was 2208 with the 83.50 and 2204 with 83.90 and 83.91

until I ran 4 tests on the 84.12

first was: 2218

2nd : 2215

3rd :2203 (I did this after bios update)

4th :2220 (after I updated the bios , I update the driver again and run the test)

my laptop specification:

Dell inspiron xps Gen2:

2.00Ghz Pentium M (533FSB)

2GB Ram Dual DDR2 , 533 bus speed

Geforce 6800 Ultra

60GB 7200RPM Hitachi

I got this results without overclocking.

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