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Detachable laptop screens


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It's not the first I've heard of the concept, but it's the first time I've seen it live and in person: the emerging technologies section of the Toshiba booth has a notebook with a display that detaches from the keyboard base. Read more.

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I've seen pictures of the concept... but that would be so cool to have..

I've seen someone run a presentation with an M200 tablet, to a wireless toshiba projector, very speccy. Walking around stage and scribbling on his tablet, everything blown up on the big screen, NO CABLES!

This sort of pushes it to the next level, now you only have to carry half the notebook with you. It would be interesting to see how long the battery lasts in the screen.

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i dont think this will fly too well

i mean...what type of battery can you hold in your screen that will keep the profile slim?

and if they make it that small it cant have much life in it...

the only positives i see are increased laptop base battery life by takin the screen off

but when you take the screen off, isn't your laptop now just like a desktop??

granted, taking the screen off the lappy is rather cool becuase its new but the attached screen is what set the laptops appart, but now all you have to have is a slimline 17" touchscreen lcd and a very small desktop box and you've got essentially the same thing as this toshiba or any detachable tablet for probably much less cost

i think when this little "rush" from seeing something new and revolutionary wears off noone will want this litttle tinker toy feature

am i right?

Also - its also alot easier to break or lose the screen when it is NOT attached to the laptop

i learned this first hand when i took the monitor off of my toshiba when i was tinkering with it :)

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Guest TheRealist

I see all future notebooks (hopefully) will give you the option of permanent or removable screen when configuring, making the allmost perfect desktop replacement , this of course will only be functional if the "engineers" in the design make the hinges of this quick disconnect screen strong enough to handle it in normal use.If not reports in teh forums will heard of what not to buy and the real on the why ,and the notebook assemblers will cry.(serves them right)


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