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Ok I need some help here. I do not get the black bar problem with my G15-AV501 instead I get bluescreen with every driver I have tried. I have downloaded the inf, did the have disk install method system reboots and crash bluescreen then restart. I have had to roll back to Toshiba's drivers for the card. Please someone give me some suggestions here. I would greately appreciate it, and yes definately with paypal a donation.

NVidia 2 Go 5700 128MB Ram

Thanks in Advance

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What is the last driver you have tried that works and what have you tried that doesn't?

Do you get a BSOD without using the black bar fix?

There is this setting in the INF you could try, just remove the semicolon from the actual code line to activate.

;if upon reboot after install you have a black screen remove the ';' from line below and reinstall driver.
;HKR,, ModesetBlankDelay,[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]  %REG_DWORD%,	1

You will need to re-install to use that.

I would recommend that you try the 81.98 driver and if that fails try the 77.77 driver.

You also might want to try uninstalling the driver before updating by going into add remove programs and looking for the nvidia driver (called different things depending on driver version, but easy to recognize)

Hope one of my suggestions works.


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