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Not smooth CSS with 64bit system

Guest Grik

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i have an 7800 GT and a AMD 64bits Processor and has i compared playing Counterstrike Source in a friends house, he has a 6600 and a 32 bit P4 CPU +- same speed has mine, i have latest nvidia certified driver for xp 64 pro

I notice that in my PC the grafics are not so Smooth like in his PC, why is this? Should i expect better drivers for my XP PRO 64 bit OS?

or should i change back to 32bit XP PRO?

Thanks for the help

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Try some different 64bit drivers first.

We have a few here, but I am not an expert on 64bit nor do I have a 64bit system, but I can tell you that we do have a lot more drivers here than on nvidia's official site.


You might want to instal 32bit on a second Hard drive or partition for old compatibility and to see how fast the game will run on your PC 32bit wise, then try to achieve that same speed on the 64bit OS.

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Well I have both XP32 and XP64 on the same system, and Half Life 2 is pretty much the same on both of them. With the 64 bit patch, I would say the 64 bit version is actually better and faster. CSS should certainly perform the same as HL2.

Make sure you have the latest drivers for motherboard, chipset, soundcard and of course graphics card. A Defrag wouldn't hurt either.

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Guest Guest

thanks for the reply, i will install win32 in other partition and try it out.

I have latest drivers for my ASUS A8N MotherBoard

AMD Athlon 64 3000+

1 GB RAM DDR3 Kingstone

XFX 7800GT 256 MG

all have updated drivers

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I pretty much have the same system, except I have

Athlon X2 4200+ (which about 2ghz)

1.5 GB ram


and it is smooth as silk. 32 and 64 are near identical as far as I can tell.

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