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Guest unethical

I got a Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop with a Nvidia Geforce Go 6800. To find the version I go to Device Manager -> Display adapters -> Right click Nvidia Geforce Go 6800 - > Driver tab and look at Driver version, right? Well it says ..... I can't seem to find on the site.

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Here is the latest Dell driver for your card. (it is still old of course, that is why you want drivers from here)


and what you currently have is listed here at the top.


We do have 78.11 right here if your curious.


Anyway I would recomend that you try the 81.98 driver with Pieter's mod INF.

Just go to this thread for the download links and if you need to read them I have links to the installation method in that thread too.


Even made a video, but you made it to the device manager so you are basically there already. :)

Even though it numbers the version like that, what you really have is 78.11 and that is how we will refer to it here. (and basically everywhere else)

Hope I cleared up some of your confusion.


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whats not fast enough?

Why are you telling me to install 81.98 driver with Pieter's mod INF rather than the version of my video driver?

How do I replace the INF file?

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Ignore Sn0wl, he is mad because I beat him posting in this thread by 1 minute. (hahahahahaha :) )

The drivers Dell has for your card are old and outdated and sooner or later they will no longer provide drivers for you.

The last driver Dell had for my GF4 go was a 42 driver, we now have drivers with version numbers over 2 times as high as that....

Anyway just try that driver (81.98) you should like it.

What you do is you download the driver, unzip it to a folder on your desktop, then download the modified INF file for that driver and stick it in the folder, it will overright the INF in the driver.

In my driver recommend thread you are looking for the red and green links.

If you don't like 81.98 try the 82.10 driver, it has a Dell INF with Dell settings so it might agree better with your card, I am using it and it runs just fine, although it is beta and some people dont like it.

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Don't worry sn0wl I got him hooked up with 82.10 with the Dell INF.

For some reason 81.98 didnt work, it either didn't agree with his card or one of us did something wrong. (probably me :) )

Anyway we are sitting here waiting for nvidia's next official release to test, should be here any day now, they even have the page up on their site in plain view.

You should consider becoming a post bot like me sn0wl, so you can reply withen 13 min instead of 14 min. :) :P

Your post time blight makes an excellent pwnage picture.

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But then my post count will be negative too? :)

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