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laptop lid and mouse movement


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I have an Inspiron 8500, with a Geforce 4 4200 go. I just installed the 84.20 drivers, and it exhibits a problem i've always seen in modded inf's but don't know enough about to fix myself. When I close my laptop lid (or manually depress the sensor button by hand) the screen goes black, which is good. But if there is even the slightest mouse movement, the screen comes back on, even if the laptop lid is still closed (the button is still depressed). This doesn't happen with the Dell drivers, but their drivers are incredibly out of date. It seems like something that other people must be experiencing with modded drivers (am I wrong about that?). anyway, if there is a possible solution to it, just so the monitor stays off when the mouse moves, that would be wonderful.


-will dahab

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Uninstall that driver and try the 82.10 driver with the included Dell INF.

If you are brave their are some HKR tweaks only in the Dell one, can copy those into Pieter's INF.

But we already made a modded Dell INF for 82.10, like Dells but with all of the fancy stuff enabled.


Pieter's post contains the modded Dell one.

I use a similar mod INF and that driver on my card (very similar card, both NV28) and it works great.

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