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FPS Good Enough?


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I have an hp pavilion zv5405us with a AMD 3200+, 768MB, 80GB HD, and a nVIDIA Geforce4 440 Go.

I am playing COD2 Mult-Player and my FPS hovers around 30-60 FPS. It usually stays closer to 35 FPS. When I look into the sky it jumps to 110+. In game I am running an 800x600 res and I have it set to Direct 7. All the texture settings are set to low.

I am using your modded 81.98 driver and have it overclocked at 240MHz (core) and 480MHz (memory). I have set antialiasing, anisotropic, and vertical sync to off. I also set the direct 3D settings to render 1 frame ahead.

I am mostly concerned with performance. It doesn't take much to impress me graphically anyhow. With all the in-game settings to low I still think it looks great. But I DO NOT want to get pwned because my FPS is low. Is what I am getting going to cause me to have issues with pwning people? Is there any ways or tricks to increase my FPS higher? I am almost positive my notebooks vid card is integrated but not sure, I can't upgrade it can I?

I wish I had the funds to get a Alienware 7800GTX lappy but fat chance. What can I do with what I have in regards to the information and questions above?


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Since Dell supposedly bought Alienware I would see what happens before you buy either. (and save up some money)

Your card might not be integrated but you probably can not upgrade it even if it is not integrated.

You are on the right track with the performance stuff, go read this old topic of mine that is stickied in this section about performance


If you bug me enough in that topic I might get around to update it when I get back from vacation.

Don't overclock the card too heavily.

Try using http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/enhancer to make the INF a performance INF. (just use first option)

You could try 640x400 or something too.

I don't play COD2 but maybe there are some more tweaks out there.

You could search on google for some.

Oh, and if your LCD works just fine with a recent driver and Pieter's mod INF you don't need to worry about figuring out what screen you have.

If you still want to know NERD can help you.


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