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What are the modified INFs?
Modified to get any NVIDIA driver version installed on any NVIDIA GPU driven laptop.
What is detonator?

Marketing. Same as "ForceWare" and same as "driver".

Where do the Detonator/ForceWare drivers come from?
Officially released from OEMs like Toshiba, Dell, Sony, ACER etc. etc. as stated in each driver version topic, or directly from NV.
From Nvidia's site, it seems the latest driver version is 56.72. So how can you guys have 6x.xx versions?

Ftp, Newspages, beta releases ...

When installing the driver on a Dell inspiron 5150 laptop, should I point to the NVDM inf or the modified INF?
Which driver? Replace the original one with the modified one from Pieter, doesn't matter when updating, only the directory WHERE the INF is located is important for XP.
Why is it necessary to modify the drivers to get them to work on any mobile GPU (ie, why can't I just download the driver straight from Nvidia's site)?

Official NV site drivers (to be specific: only the INF) does not support any mobile GPUs, except some rare ones. All the dirty work has to be done by OEMs. But as you can see in the drivers section there is also a bunch of leaked drivers with mobile INFs in it.

What is special about the mobile GPUs?
Here is some background info and a view into the future:



Who wrote NVDM.inf?

NVIDIA, Dell is just doing the OEM specific changes.

Are any of these drivers at all official? They won't crash or screw up my PC will they?
Yes drivers are official (means developed by NV), INF is made by us to support mobile NV cards. And No it will not harm your DELL or any other PC.
What is this whole inf file thing?

INF includes all information in a special format to successfully install ANY driver with the correct settings on Windows based PC.

If you want to learn basic stuff about ForceWare updating, check drv_quickstart.gifForceware Updater's Quickstart Guide.

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