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Dell driver question


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Hi everyone,

Last night I wanted to improve my framerate in Oblivion when outdoors (15-20 according to fraps, 10 when there are creatures present) so I installed the latest (84.21) drivers. Unfortunately I found that with them, I was getting less than 10 consistently, so I rolled back to the OEM drivers. I have an Inspiron 9400 with the GeForce Go 7800 (vanilla).

This morning, when I scrolled down a little more, I found drivers marked v83.60 32bit | DELL. I haven't been able to try these yet as I'm at work, but my question is this:

Because I have a Dell, am I stuck with driver releases marked DELL, or should any release theoretically work? Specifically I want to know if I should be able to take advantage of the Oblivion drivers that you fine folks will be making available.

Sorry if this is covered in the FAQs somewhere; I didn't find anything when I looked.

Thanks in advance! :)

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So in other words, it's just a hit-and-miss game with driver/laptop combinations and I just have to wait and see. Thanks.

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I can use non Dell drivers just fine on mine as long as the INF is modded properly. (same should apply for you)

While the newer Dells probably don't have these problems as bad, those of us with these older cards have discovered some of the Dell settings fix things like TV out sometimes. (but if you don't use that a reg modded INF is fine)

If you are really concerned with Dell settings you can basically just copy and paste a few lines into Pieter's INF and bam it has Dell settings and things like TV out might get fixed.

If you wanna try that with those specialty Oblivion drivers I haven't heard about just AIM or email me some time and I'll take a look at for you.

I know what card you have so you just need to know how to copy and paste.

Time to go test some games....

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