First-Hand Reference List of NVIDIA's ODM or OEM INF naming scheme Over the years we found a variety of INF names which were included in all the drivers we host. Here's the list. Decoded according to who originally released the driver (so NVTS.INF can be found in TOSHiBA driver releases). UPDATES (YYYY-MM-DD): 2008-04-23: added NVAMB, NVAMS, NVCAP, NVCOB, NVCTB, NVCVB, NVDMB, NVFIB, NVFW, NVHL, NVHY, NVMIS, NVQN, NVSTEREO, NVSZF, NVSZQ, NVTABD, NVTSB, NVVD, NVXBAR 2008-03-28: fixed post c