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GF FX Go 5700 & GF FX Go 5700-V hardware difference?


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I'm in a trading company doing with chipset in motherboard. Currently I'm selling a this part to my customer. But now he ask me WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GF FX GO 5700 & GF FX GO 5700-V.

Is there anybody can help me and resolve this problem?

I need help urgently!!!!!

Thank you



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The only thing which comes to my mind is that the Go 5700-V is very rare and was discovered by us coincidentically, as it uses a new DEV_ID (0347). We then implemented support for this GPU to the INF. Apart from slightly different VBIOS versions, no hardware difference is known to me though. Maybe somebody else has deeper knowledge?

If you have alook in the mobile VideoBIOS section and order after topic title, you'll see that i made a remark to the Go 5700-V: 128MB only? This must have been my conclusion in when i compared user profiles of our members. Can't remember the details though.


Pinned: NV36 | DEV_ID 0348 | v4.

GeForce FX Go5700 (128MB)


Pinned: NV36 | DEV_ID 0347 | v4.

GeForce FX Go5700-V (128MB only?)

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You might want to read THIS thread to get more details for Go5700-V

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