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Help with Overclocking 9300

Guest Oublieux

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Guest Oublieux

So, I recently got Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion but it CHUGS like all hell on my Inspiron 9300. I found out it's not the laptop's fault but rather the fact the game causes problems across all types of systems. It DID lead me to read up on overclocking though and now I'm interested since I hear the Geforce Go 6300 can produce a lot more power than it can under this Dell's hood.

Specs are:



Geforce Go 6800

I've read about this on the forum and other sites as well, but I'm relatively new to this whole procedure of overclocking. I've seen that the 83.40 driver here is helpful but I'm still slightly confused about the 2D/3D figures--I've gathered that it can help boost performance but it probably causes higher -heat- output, too. And that's where my worries lie. I would like advice on what I can do to gain performance YET remain moderately below from having my laptop frying. Any help would be awesome!

PS: Quickie.. any recommendations on what program to use to change the 2D/3D figures?

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Guest Guest

DOWNLOAD Nvidia Driver


1. download SetFSB



EXTRACT in only Folder

Set FSB from 133 to ?

My System Running with FSB 135,2 [2,26 Ghz @ 2.3 Ghz]


2. download Notebook Hardware Control for Volt Control for Tray and Desktop Control



3. download Inspiron 9 Fan Control


1. download Install Fanio Driver

2. download i9kfangui 2.3 (External Beta)

-Control Fan 1 [CPU] and Fan 2 [GPU]

-Tray Icon Temp CPU and GPU


4. download RivaTuner


Set GPU and Memory Speed


Ready for DELL Power Notebook :)


3D Mark o3 11078

DELL Inspiron 9300

2,66 Ghz @ 2,3GhZ

2 GB Ram






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