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Resolution changes while unattended Windows installation


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I'm having a little problem with my unattended XP installation, it goes by this:

When I run my unattended installation on a virtual machine like VMWare,... the whole installation goes on 1024*768*32. But when I install it on my desktop with my drivers added, the resolution reverts back to 800*600*16 directly after the installation of the driver.

You can read my whole post at MSFN here.

To make it a bit easier:

is there a way to set the standard resolution to 1024*768*32 after the drivers is installed (unattended) ?

Hope I have explained it clearly enough :)

thanks in advance!


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You could run the command-line:

rundll32.exe NvCpl.dll,dtcfg setmode 1 1024 768 32 60

You might want to modify the '1' to the proper display number. I believe 1 is default for laptops as I can't test at the moment. Then obviously the rest is self-explaining.

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Added that directly after driver installation.

Will let you know if it works!

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Thanks this fixed it!

is there a way to set dual screen by this ?

this is what I'm looking for:

Dual Screen, DualView: Laptop (primary) + TV (secondary)

and the same thing, but to revert it (single display, laptop)

thx in advance!


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Yes, sure is possible.

I will make a writeup on this once I can access my notes. :)

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Ok, thanks!

I'm planning to create a little tool to easily switch to dualscreen and normal screen (without the need for using the tray icons or CP,...) :)

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