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Guest Shemy

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Guest Shemy

Hey guys,

Don't want to sound like Im pestering but I need advice on what drivers to go for. I think I know how to install because Ive read a couple of Faq's in the Faq section. Im just confused as to which driver to download. Can someone point me in the direction please? Also if it helps one of the reasons I want to update is because I think my graphics card tends to overheat when things get demanding visually and shuts down my laptop with the blue error screen, like when playing games.

All help appreciated.

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Try 84.25 as its the latest and not too bad.

or try 81.98 very stable

or 77.77 older but a rock of a driver.

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Guest Guest

Thanks for the reply, Im using 84.25 and Ill see how it goes. I tried one of the other two, cant remember which but it said there was no hardware information for my graphics card when you look for it using the "have disk" method.

Thanks again.

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Guest Jamie

Hi there,

Dont know if you are still about but i also have an MD 2837 and seem to be having problems with the graphics (well, i have done for about the past 6 months!).

The laptop tends to overheat after about 20 minutes of playing games and i get a dodgy blue screen reporting some kind of fault and then it reboots automatically. I am currently using the omega drivers. I have also tried medions drivers but they are pretty old now. Usuaully when i boot up the screen goes black for a few seconds once i have inputted my windows password, it looks like it loses power and then comes back. This can happen randomly and sometimes the screen doesnt even come back, forcing me to shutdown and restart. Its really annoying!

If anyone has any ideas on what is going on then that would be very much appreciated. Where do i get the drivers mentioned above? Im going to check the website now, i just found this thread from google.

PS - the official nvidia drivers do not work, it cannot find my geforce go5200, ive searched around on the net and its documented that they dont support go drivers, or something.

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