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need help with new card please

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hi all,

had a toshiba p20-801 messed up sent it back to get fixed through home insurance. well back and forth between me and them for 4 months, they now say it is beyond repair and have offered me a new laptop.

here is my problem the card in my old one was a 128mb nvidia geforcefx go 5700 the new one is a ati x600 256mb. i have never used an ati card can someone tell me if this is equal or better then my old one. and i can't find drivers for it if anyone knows where. all so the old laptop had a p4 3.20ghz and the new one has pentium m 1.7X , is this any good.

thankyou for your time. the new one comes monday. hope it works better lol

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Graphics card is better, I can say processor is better as well - nearly equal if not just a little less. Technology-wise its way better, less power consumption less heat generation etc.

For GPU you probably modded need drivers for ATI card or use OEM's driver. With a small google-ing I'm sure you can find them easily.

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ty for the fast reply.

that is good to know. i play a lot of new games and was not sure if it would handle them.

i will try oem's and have a look around google.

thanks again

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Tool for modding ATI drivers, just get desktop catalyst and the tool and off you go.

Also the first page you find when you search for "mobility mod" on google.

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