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Updating Geforce FX Go5700 for Oblivion!

Guest Alex

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Hey guys,

I've been reading over the site and its really pretty amazing what you do. I've been frustrated for a long time by Toshiba's imcompetence in updating the drivers for their computers. I'm working with a Qosmio F15 Toshiba laptop and I have the following card and drivers.

Geforce FX Go5700

Driver Provider: NVIDIA

Driver Date: 9/1/2004

Driver Version:

I'm really kinda anxious to play Oblivion and I'm pretty sure that a driver from 2004 ain't gonna cut it on that graphical beast. I'd basically like to know which driver from you page I should install for the best performance for that game. Any help would be apppreciated like you wouldn't believe. I'm more or less brainless when it comes to this stuff and I can't tell you how grateful I am for the help that you computer geniuses are generous enough to give.

What driver should I update to?


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There is only 1 choice, grab 84.25 this was released by nVidia for Oblivion.

Grab driver and modded INF.

Extract driver replace original INF with modded one then install and enjoy :)

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Be sure to upgrade to the latest 84.25 + modded INF from this site. It's the best set for Oblivion.

The Geforce FX is borderline in the recommended hardware for Oblivion. You might need to use some tricks to play at decent framerate and stability.

Be sure to visit this unofficial Oblivion on OLD cards page.

Or this post on Elderscroll forums.

And please.... be sure to TURN OFF VSYNC. The console (tilda) command to see the FPS is tdt or dtd (I always forget).

On my machine to play at full resolution 1920x1200 I got rid of a lot of things... grass was the first to go since it's only eye candy (I find it ugly), the dropped HDR for bloom, removed the shadows and brought specular distance to 0.

And yes Toshiba sucks at drivers update... a previous corporate laptop (Tecra with S3 video card) never saw an official video driver update. Since then I jumped to Dell 2 times and I'm able to use new drivers.

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Thanks for all the advice guys.

I took you up on it and got the new drivers and the modded INF, but when I installed them and rebooted the computer it wouldn't start up. It went to the Safe Start mode menu and I had to choose some option that let me start up from the last working point. It just reverted everything to before the installation. I've tried it twice with both installation methods. Didn't work either time. Any advice on what to do? Also, what is the NFO file? Do I need that or something?

Thanks again.

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There are a lot of issues with nvidia FX cards on Toshiba laptops... :) Look at the threads on this forum.

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