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Insp 8200-Video Thermistor - Temp Sensor Out of Range: change graphics card ?


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Hello all,

I have an Inspiron 8200 with graphics card NVIDIA GeForce4 440 Go (Dell mobile) from Sept 2002.

Graphics card pilot NVIDIA

All working well until 2 weeks ago, message on boot: M1004.

Running Dell resource CD & tests gives Video thermistor : FAIL - details below. YES, I opened, blow cleaned everything from CPU heat dissipator to video card,etc. Fans blocked in full speed & CPU slowed down from 2,2 Ghz to 717 MHz. Super slow operation though everything still works.

Question is: DO I NEED TO CHANGE THE NVIDIA GRAPHICS BOARD? WILL THAT SOLVE THE PROBLEM (I couldn't identify anything looking like a thermistor on the board).

Operating System: Windows XP

Error Text: Diagnostics build: 1102

Video thermistor : FAIL

Code 9900-0626

Temp sensor out of range Temp 255°C - Min 10°C Max 100°C

Diagnostic with CD Dell Ressource - Video thermistor : FAIL

Code 9900-0626

Trouble Shooting Steps: Diagnostics build: 1102

Video thermistor : FAIL

Code 9900-0626

result is CPU clocked down to 700 MHz instead of 2,2 GHz - super slowed down: graphic card thinks it is overloaded & is going idle.

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That is easier said than done, and it might not fix it anyway. (I also had to get my quadro card from a guy in NJ I have never met before, dont think dell even had any left)

Since I am lazy here is what I said in the other topic. (new one will get more attention anyway)

Broking temp sensor, doesn't sound too good.

This laptop has a sensor for the CPU and one for the graphics card, and I think they are probably both on the motherboard and not the graphics card.

The CPU and GPU temps really don't have a lot to do with each other, you should still be able to run your CPU at full speed, although you might want to underclock the graphics card a little bit if you want to game.

So I think a motherboard replacement might be what you need.

The author of I8K fangui would probably know for sure since he started out with the 8x00 series laptops, and he used Dell mobo temp reading code to make the program work.


Even though its common knowledge Dell reps dont know much, they might be able to tell you also that the sensor is probably on the mobo.

If you can run everything just fine (laptop permits it too) I wouldn't worry too much, just underclock the graphics card a little maybe.

If not you probably will need a new mobo, and you will probably have to call dell or find a spare maybe broke I8200 anyway, but then those have busted mobos as well usually.

The graphics card could be broken as well but I cannot tell from the given info.

Even though your question hasn't gotten answered yet on the Dell forums, some of the good knowledgable people like the guy that wrote fan gui still post there, so you mgiht want to watch the post. (I don't post there but did stumble across your question there somehow while looking around.)

Edit: I do not think the gf card has temp sensors, I know they were introduced into nvidia cards in general in the FX series, but in the laptop's case it doesn't have it I dont think.

The nvidia drivers have never been able to read temps from a gf4 go that I have ever heard of, so it probably is on the mobo.

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The sensor is acutally on the Motherboard BELOW the GPU. You should be able to continue to use your laptop if you disable the boot messages in the System bios, but you wont be able to monitor the GPU's Temp anymore.

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re: Sensor on Mobo under GPU

Thanks Sirsquishy, I'll look again under my GPU.

any idea of

1) component spec to replace the faulty thermistor?

2) can I short it?

Note - I don't mind th boot message, or even not too much the roaring fans (though bad for their life span) - the problem is my whole system downclocks.

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