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Dell 5150 to 42" plasma?


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Hey I am having trouble hooking up my Dell inspiron via S video to my plasma. I have the Nivida Gofx 5200. Do I need to update my driver? If so what is the latest version? Is there a way to "enable" the S video port? Sorry i'm a rookie. This seems to be the most informative site I have visited. Thanks in advance for any help.

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We have a customized inf for the 5150 at the following llnk.


One of the things it does is to ease connections to external monitors like yours.

Basically, you extract your driver files into an empty folder somewhere, then put the modified inf into the same folder and use the "have disk" method to install. If you're still using one of Dell's drivers, go grab 71.44 from our site and use it with the nv4_disp.inf at the above link. I think you'll be pleased. (71.44 is the newest driver that works well with the 5150.)

You'll fine a good discription of the process at this link:


Once installed, just go into the "nView Display Settings" page of the nNvidia Control Panel and select the external monitor setup that you prefer. Let us know if you have any trouble with it.

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I cant find the 71.44 driver to download. I am going to try this first and see if it fixes the problem. Can you point me in the right direction for the driver. As I said I am a rookie and all that tech stuff gets me confused! Thanks again.

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It's here.

Use this inf with it.

hey thanks. That fixed it. Works great now. How do I get volume to my tv?

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The quick but low-quality way is to use a cable with a headphone jack on one end and a pair of RCA jacks on the other end, connected between your laptop's headphone jack and your sound system.

The MUCH better way is to get a PCMCIA (PC Card) sound card, preferably Dolby 5.1, and use that to connect to your sound system. There may be USB2 sound cards available as well.

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