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I just bought a Pavillion dv8000t with a 7400 Go GPU. When I bought it the specs laid out 128 MB discrete video memory and 128 MB shared memory from the main memory of the laptop. But when I received it, I had a total of 512MB of video memory. This was according to the Nvidia properties and DX Diag. There is no setting in my BIOS which shows a separation of discrete and shared video memory, much less the ability to change it. So does this mean I actually have 512MB of discrete video memory. If that is the case, HP needs to update their specs so they can instill better value for this laptop.

Any response would be appreciated.

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Yes according to the specs you should have 128MB of descrete RAM and 128MB of Turbocache.

I'm not sure what is going on here, you may have gotten a 256MB decrete RAM version with another 256MB TC capable.

How much system RAM do you have 1GB+ then sometimes the Turbocache can go up with more RAM installed.

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That's what I thought also. It came with 1GB of system RAM, just installed a matched pair of 1GB OCZ SODIMM modules giving me 2GB. But every resource I have seen shows 512MG of discrete(dedicated) Video memory. I just got through running 3dMark05. It showed 512MB of discrete video memory as well. in the stats page. I scored 1980. Which is about what other people have scored with this same computer build. I'm gonna run RTHDRL and see if my system memory begins to report a different number once it starts.

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Guest Sloejack

I recently purchased the same system (dv8000t) installed wtih 2GB of RAM and with the 7400 go card. From what I read on the nVidia site, it seems that the turbo cache is made up of 128 MB of the main memory shared for video. I suspect that it would appear as dedicated ram for video and for system ram. The only way you would actually see a change in available ram is if you were in some way able to max out the system ram and be able to monitor the video ram at the same time, I suspect you would see it drop to 128MB of video ram.

On the same topic though, is there any way to disable the shared ram component and force the card to only use the native 128MB? I ask because after installing software on my laptop I installed two games, BF2 and EQ2. BF2 runs great. EQ2 on the other hand gives me a BSOD DRIVE_IRQL_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL error and reboots. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps it's freaking out trying to access all of the memory. I've looked at the driver options on here for upgrading but I'm concerned about losing the "custom driver features built in for laptops" by using the standard nVidia driver vs. the go driver built for HP.

Has anyone on here been successful in running EQ2 on a laptop with the 7400 go card in it, and if possible more specifically on an dv8000 series laptop? Does anyone know if disabling the turbocache is possible, and if I'm headed down the right track thinking that may be my issue with EQ2?

I'll check back as often as I can while trying to resolve my problem, but if you would rather, you can email me: sloejack (at) gmail .dot. com



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