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DELL Wide screen needs 1600X1050 res


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I have a Toshiba 5205-s703

Geforce4 460 Go and I just bought this beautiful wide screen. I mis-read the 1600X1050 requirement. My brain converted the 1050 to 1024, Oh well..

I installed the 71.84 driver as I could not get the higher drivers to install.

My new DELL screen needs 1600X1050, the available 1680X1050 res is a little blured.. what can I do to get this res. I tried the custom option in driver settings, but it woul not accept this value..

Any help appreciated...


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Odd resolution, but who am I to argue.

I've just added this to INF v31.60 which means 84.22 and 84.25 now have this resolution

Are you using original driver 71.84 or with modded INF.

I fixed the add custom resolution as of INF v31.40

So if you try a driver make sure the INF version is higher than 31.40 and it will allow Custom resolutions

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Thanks for your reply

However this is a no go.

I have now downloaded 20 or so drivers and tried them.....


I cant install any driver higher than 75.90

I iether get,

1. A blue screen "physical Memory dump" versions 76.?? through 80.??


2. On restart after install windows wont start normally and offers me to go into safe mode, which I do to uninstall the driver. version 83.?? through 84.??

I cant place the version 31.4 inf into an installer that does not install nvapi.dll and numccs.dll. I did try putting a 31.4?inf into the 75.90 driver install, then I copied the two dll's into the install, but this did not make any difference, I just get the "physical Memory dump"

What to do now ????

Your help is appreciated, I hope my feed back is usefull.


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