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problems with FX Go 5200 windows xp

Guest kev

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I have a Dell Latitude D800 and have had no end of problems with my screen blacking out and if not blacking out it freezes, on various things games,internet and general office work.

I have thanks to your site :) downloaded the recommended latest driver 84.21 and the mod inf but it still blacks out or freezes, so i d/loaded the recommended older driver 71.44 and the mod inf, unfortunately it still continues sometimes after only 10 mins and others after 15 or 20 mins or when playing a game it locks and i have a wishwash of colour bars on my screen, could anyone please help with this continuing prob, i have also checked for viruses and done registry cleans

thanks so much nvidia fx go 5200 bios

ps it does seem to take longer to black out and freeze now with the 71.44 driver but it is still occuring :)

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It sounds like you have a hardware problem of some kind, probably with your Go5200 itself. The symptoms you're describing are almost always related to hardware. The first thing I would try to rule out is heat. Since you can usually run for a while, the Go5200 may be overheating and locking. Make sure your system fan is working and all vents are free of dust. If you're overclocking, try dropping back to default clock speeds.

If none of that helps, you'll probably have to replace the graphics card. Fortunately the Go5200 is pretty inexpensive. If you aren't still under warranty, you should be able to get a replacement from Dell for less than $100 (US).

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