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Upgrade Nvidia card in my 9300?


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I have a Inspiron 9300 oc'd 6800 gpu nvidia, 1.6 pinmod blabla, but I am wondering if I can take out the Geforce go 6800 thats within, and put someting newer in, like a 7800, or smething possible??? I LOVE THIS BABY!

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You can put in the XPS Gen 2's 7800 GTX go, but you need to get the XPS Gen2 M170's power adapter and batteries, and do a full BIOS flash to turn your laptop into the XPS, also might need a new heatsink part for your card.

Card goes for around $300 I hear on ebay.

I thought we had a conversion guide here, I'm searching for it.

Edit: Here we go, right under our noses in the news.


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