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is this a sign of overheat?


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hey all....

a few weeks ago something strange happened that hasnt happened since..

i had my notebook on for many hours and was multitasking (encoding,etc,etc)

well out of nowhere it went to blue screen (standard warning) and i shut it down..

i restarted and on the screen there was white lines going across the screen..it booted up and went to blue screen again...

i let it hang for 10min or so and restarted..no problems it seemed..so i started backing things up just incase onto a cd...

it crashed again...

well i let it sit for a hour or so and did the backups..

after that i shut ut down for the night and tried again in the morning and it never did that again..

i asked my C.support about it and theyt didnt have a answer...just said keep a eye out...i recently had the MB replaced and cpu (died on me a few months back) so its like a brand new lappy..

was that a sign of the vid card overheating?? i do have those hot/heavy alienware 7700 notebooks..

i recently purchased a targus notebook cooler just incase...plus i have my unit raised by- a irak one of those slingshot looking thigs-.. :)

thanx all

just curious...

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Yes, it could be overheating.

Could also be a bad assembly kob when replacing your MoBo... Badly screwed heatinks, badly applied thermal compound,...

Let some temperature monitoring app run in the background, just in case.

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thanx for the reply..the funny thing is the company that assembled my unit checked in with me everyday to let me know what was up so im hoping they did a good job cause when they found something was weird they would do more and more checks to make sure it was all good...

whats a good temp app???

i have no idea..

thanx again

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