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NVIDIA Video BIOS backup ROM needed


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Cosmo°, a member of our forum, desperately is in need of a working backup ROM of v5. for his Go 6800 Ultra:

I got a Clevo D900T based notebook (FAET v3.6 series, 17" WUXGA display) with a nVidia Go6800 Ultra card. When we wanted to update the system, my dad unfortunately ended up flashing the VBIOS of a Go7800 GTX instead. As a result, the display shut itself off and won't turn on anymore. VBIOS versions of other vendors for my card that I tried eventually lead to a working display again, but as soon as I wanted to do a clean new install of the graphics card drivers or change the resolution, the display is off again.

Since I don't have a backup of my original VBIOS, I'm now searching for somebody that can make a backup of their's and send it to me. The version number of said VBIOS must be "v5.".

Apart from various smaller companies, the Clevo D900T/Go6800 Ultra combination is also sold under the Sager 9880 brand.

Until now nobody answered his cry for help, so here's your chance to give something back to the community. Get in contact with Cosmo° and read more details in THIS thread.

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