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i dont know if this is the correct section but....


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hey all..

i hope im not posting in the wrong section..

this place is great for newbies like me..

can somebody help me get all the latest drivers fo rmy system???

i recently got my notebook back (the cpu and MB BURNED) so its basically like a new lappy again..

i want to make a new master driver cd so i can do a fresh format and install everything perfectly...

i will post whatever is in my system but 1st i want to see if someone is willing to help me with this...

thanx for your time all

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We are willing to help.

As far as the best gfx driver recomendation, what programs and games do you run on it?

Right now I would say go with 84.25 with Pieter's mod INF unless you want something custom.

This guy probably knows his Alienware stuff though.


Even though you can ask pretty much anything here, I guess I'll move us over to the support section, as this seems to be a support related question.

Let the questions commence now? :)

Edit: Was going to say welcome to the forum and all that stuff, but then I just realized you found some good graphics drivers thanks to my help. lol

I am guessing you will need to look for audio, network, maybe chipset, and some other drivers then slipstream them into an XP cd?

Windows should have everything needed already. Also, if Alienware won't let you get drivers from them, well I personally won't know what to do there. :)

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thanx mate..i already got the driver and inf you reccomended.. :)

now for the rest...lol

i can go to the alienware support site but that crap is old and never


the one place i saw was _http://www.notebookforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=119628

and they have a alienware section..but i dont have the original alienware MB cause it wasreplaced and a new cpu cause the old one died..

i was told by the compnay that replaced my MB to go here...


the MB i have is a clevo D900T


the problem i have is alot of these places have differant versions,etc,etc

plus alienware have certain things too...

i just want to make a new master driver cd of my own before i do this new format...(make life easier..)

what ill do and post here is my specs using a app that will give me details of the crap in here..

thanx for taking the time to help me..i just dont want to screw up a new fresh format/install..

im also moving to a new apt soon so i might not have internet for a little bit so i need everything now while i still do (unless i find open wifi's.. :) )

but i should be online for a good month or so...

ill will post more details in a bit...

this is the system i have


(might give more details on whats in here)

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