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Big trouble


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Hi to all,

after reading a lot of your forum I am still having problem with my graphic card (fx go570064MB). Originally after format my laptop I installed "xg1_win2kxp_7590a.exe" (from Tweakr's website) and they always working great since when I was playng game "The Movies". Basically computer crashed and after rebooting a blue vertical line apper on my screen. At the logon screen nothing appear, decide to reboot in safe mode and relaunch. nothing, reinstalled drive a.a. So decided to install the original HP drivers. Setup ok but once the graphic card decid to chang resolution from 1400x1050 (VGA mode), display became black (like turned off). Installed Driver Cleaner Pro and followed their procedure, still nothing. Now I am a little bit disperate, can anyone of you help me please?

Many thanks in advance

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Format drive again, and get the original driver to work again first.

Then have a play with updating drivers, best to stick with just plain drivers first no performance or quality enhancements.

Get someting working first then add bits and pieces to see where the problem is.

But first of all make sure the original driver works first with a clean install, it doesn't then something could be wrong with the hardware.

Hope this helps/works

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that's the problem, I am away from home and I can not format due to no XP disk with me...I would like to keep trying to fix this problem working with yours help...I know it's hard to said but do you have any suggestion?


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Guest Guest

Hi Paura01, this is a hardware problem. Check zd7000forums.com, this is a known problem. This laptop is in fact a lemon, most people have had this problem in the past, or will have it if they didn't already. Hp support is no help either :|

Sorry for those bad news. Thanks, Vincent.

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or whatever you are, hope you're kidding me...if what you're saying is right, well I am fXXXed!!!, I guess there are no change no replace the hardware right???? Hope to get any XP installation CD and try asap!


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