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Toshiba 5105-S701 Black Bar Issue, I might be missing something ?


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Hi there. Great site this is. What exactly is the black bar issue ? I'm having a problem here with a Toshiba 5105-S701. What i get is, a 1588X1200 resolution, so missing 12 Pixels at the right.

I'm using 77.77 drivers, which worked on another similar model i had here. I have tried creating a modified inf, using the enhancer php page. That got me access to a 1600X1200 resolution after installing it, but if i select it; the desktop just scrolls to the right to access the missing 12 Pixels, and i lose 12 pixels from the left. That desktop area just doesn't seem to be available.

I've read the posts about the black bar solution, and i'm kinda lost here.

Checking the registry, i see that, in HKLM/Enum/Display, what seems to be detected as the monitor id's are;

NVD0400, and NVD0600, and that seems to be wrong from what i read.

Thanks in advance, Vincent.

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The Toshiba experts probably know how to fix this if they have already, but what was the last driver that worked?

A working driver should read your screen correctly through NERD and/or the registry, and of course you won't have the problem.

If you get your screen read correctly we will know what kind it is and can find a fix.

From the device manager you can use the rollback driver thing (next to update driver) to get back to your old drivers, unless you uninstalled them...


There is NERD, should run that on the working drivers so we know what screen you have. (post the full logfile here in this topic)

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Your BIOS version seems a little bit old to me. Did you check for any updates? This might not solve your problem but it's good to have the latest BIOS.

Like a BIOS update for 5105-S607 has this fix;

Corrected a problem where, under Windows XP, when displaying a DOS screen with an SXGA+ LCD, the lower part of the LCD isn't displayed.

Check our System BIOS section and Toshiba websites for any updates available for your model. Be careful, you should be strict to your own model since Toshiba have VBIOS in System BIOS.

Edit: I think this is suitable for yours -> http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/su...jsp?soid=945479 . Still look around for if anything is newer. Also check out 5x0x thread in Utilities section for everything related to your 5105.

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Ok. I'll try updating the bios to 1.30, which seems to be compatible with this S701 model. The other ones aren't compatible, are they ? I see a couple updates after the 1.30 for the other SXXX 5105's on the bios updates thread; http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index.php?showtopic=6722

There are 1.50 and 1.90 versions, but i'm not sure if they're compatible or not. I tought they all had the same system board ?

Thanks, Vincent.

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No don't update to anything else, use your own BIOS. Like I said it is unsafe.

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Hey there. I've cleaned up the drivers using Driver Cleaner, updated the bios to 1.30, and reinstalled the 77.77 Drivers, using the enhanced inf. Worked fine, maybe the bios upgrade did the trick ? Well it's fixed. Thanks for your help again !

Later, cheebster.

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Scratch this problem off the list.

I just have to mention though, upgrading the BIOS on my Dell laptop was so much easier. :)

It even stopped me if I tried to flash an incompatible BIOS, but then I got around that and have a M50 instead of I8200 now. :P

Edit: Unfortunately there is no BIOS upgrade for my typing and spelling skills. :)

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So what is better in M50 over I8200?

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I used my crazy cross BIOS flashing as an example of how it is usually safe to try BIOS upgrades on Dells because it WILL stop you before you do something stupid, although you can always force the flash if you know the boards are the same, in my case.

The C840 and M50 support the business docking stations, like the C/Dock II, I8200 doesn't.

Basically end of story there, only other change is windows goes driver crazy after you change your laptop like that (funny to watch but shouldn't break anything), and you get a new name in the BIOS, and mabye a few (maybe 3 at most) new options that you probably don't care about anyway, plus new additions to the boot list.

Speaking of which, wonder if I can haxxors the BIOS to allow for USB HDDs and flash drives....

Just because I said Dell's BIOS flash stuff checks it good first, doesn't mean you should all go out and see if it stops you from cross flashing. If you break your BIOS crossflashing its not my fault.

Also unlike Toshiba, Dell has the BIOSs clearly labled and stuff for download from their site, no reason to get confused with which version to use.

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