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Quadro4 500GL go drivers


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I have tried several different types of drives, ranging from Dell to Omega to here.


I am trying to find the best preformance for my card, And I've had little success. The main D3D app I run is World of Warcraft, on average i get 18-20 FPS. When in graphical areas where Depth rendering isnt needed i get 35-40FPS. Im trying to find a good balance.

General Driver issues...

When playing Divx through my TV using my S-Video, when i close my laptop lid the video out turns off ( VCR goes blue - No signal ). Any known fix for this? as i have a USB remote control i use for playing Divx so i dont need to use my mouse and what not to control VLC.

When going to the Nvidia control panel VIA display settings, the screen Vsyncs, when i have LCD + TV-out/2nd monitor hooked up, the displays on the secondary device cuts out, until i re-detect the displays. Any known fixes for this as well ? ( yes, even if my LCD is setup as secondary, it too will also black out until i redetect displays )

Those are the annoyances i am facing, any help/advice is greatly appricated.

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What driver version are you using?

Video out runs fine here when I close the display I think, assuming it is not set to turn off.

You probably want some Dell tweaks in the driver, you should try the 82.10 driver. (either with the INF present in it, or the one in this post)

If you want a newer driver with Dell tweaks I might be able to manage that one, will require some nice INF editing though. (82.10 works pretty good anyway)

There is of course a newer dell driver but im not sure how stable that one is.

The Dell tweaks should fix any TV out and other multi-display issues.

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