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Weird 7800 Go EQ2 slowdown?


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I have a new M170 XPS notebook with a pentium M 2.0, 2 gigs of ram, and 7200 rpm hard drive, and a geforce go 7800. I'm running the 84.21 drivers and have overclocked my card to 440/1250 using the .iso flash. I'm not sure what the deal is but something is throttling down my fps in EQ2. For example, at equivalent graphic settings - one boot up of EQ2 at the same location I get 70 fps and the next 50 fps. On my p4 3.2, 2 gigs, geforce 6800 gt desktop I'm beating my laptop at the lower rate of fps which shouldn't be happening.

In other words, something is happening with the notebook that is throttling back fps by roughly 20. I was running 1900x1200 at 70fps before getting the blue screen of death. Upon reboot, I appeared to have the same settings but now I was down to 50 fps. What could be happening to rob me of the 20 fps? In big fights, that 20 fps is the differene between playable and unplayable. Any ideas? I've tried fooling with display adapter settings and in game settings but something I can't figure out is happening that's choking my performance. Any input is welcome.



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