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Please HELP! Problem with Dell XPS GEN2 6800 Go Ultra


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(I know this post is quite long, sorry about it. But Please help me if you can, I really appreciate it!)

Ok, first of all. I am currently using a Dell XPS Gen2 Laptop with a Intel PM 2.0 CPU, 1G RAM, and a Geforce Go 6800 Ultra 256mb Video card. Bought the system around Sep. 2005.

It worked well since I bought it. Last night, when I was playing warcraft, the machine suddenly froze and the screen started to flicker. So I restarted the computer in the hard way. However, I can only access through the safe mode, whenever I try to boot up with the normal mode, the blue error screen would appear right after I logged on to Windows and the screen would start flickering or even turns off.

I wasn't sure what caused it, so I formatted my harddrive and reinstalled windows. After installing Win, I started to install the drivers 1 by 1. Everything seems fine except when I install the driver for my video card. I tried this like 10 times already with different drivers (include the original driver on Dell's disc, and I tried some other drivers on this website). The screen flickers and dies whenever I complete the installation (when Geforce 6800 Go ultra appears in the device manager) of the video card driver. And I am forced to uninstall the video card, otherwise I won't be able to restart the comp.

To sum up, my laptop works fine without recognizing the video card. (But I cant play any game or watch videos, the FPS is like 5- T_T).

If the laptop finds the video card after I install the driver, it goes crazy.

I am totally lost now. What can I do? I am wondering if my video card is physically damaged (It was sitting on my desk unmoved all night long :) ). Should I try other drivers? Any had simliar experiences?

Please help me out!! Thank you VERY MUCH, all of you!!!

p.s. Btw, the laptop is always connected to the AC Power. And I also scanned it for virus, and found none. Everything else is working perfectly except the video card T_T. Right now, the video card does not appear on the Device manager's list.

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First impression is you may have fried part of your GPU, the 3D acceleration part.

It may require you to get the machine or the graphics card returned for service.

I hope I'm wrong and someone with a similar experience can enlighten us.

Goodluck with this and keep us informed.

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Thank you for the fast reply.

It's getting worse now, when I tried to turn on my computer this morning, the screen even has some minor flicker without the video driver. T_T

And I was calling Dell's tech. support about this problem, they say it might be that I didnt install the chipset driver before the video card driver. I am going to reinstall the OS and the drivers again now. I will keep you guys informed. T

Thank you very much!

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If that does not work, you should get a shiney new 7800 GTX go (should be around 50% faster :) ) for your machine, or the 7900 GTX go or whatever if it becomes available from Dell.

I think you can even put quadros in that if you have the money.

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